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agenda last year,▓ which reached more than 12,000 boys and girls, an un▓precedented level, said Haq."This i▓s the highest number we have ever recorded ▓s

  • ince 2005 on this violation," Special Representative of the

  • Secretary-General for Children and▓ Armed Conflict Virginia Gamba told the press.The

  • number of child casualties in Afghanistan remained the highest s

  • uch number in the present r▓eport, and children accounted f

  • or 28 percent of all civilian casualties.In the Syrian Arab Republ

  • ic, air strikes, barrel bombs and cluster munitions resulted in 1,854 child

  • casualties, and in ▓Yemen, 1,689 children bore the brunt of

  • ground fighti▓ng and other offensives, the report said.Child

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    ren continued to be forced to take an active part in hostilit▓ies, including to carry out suici

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    de bombings agains▓t civilians, said the report, adding that others were used i

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    n support roles such as sexual slaves or human shields.Somalia remained the country wi

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